body organs in english language

body organs

Words to know:

Antibodies – a type of protein in our blood that identifies germs that cause disease and stops those germs from making us ill
Blood – a fluid all through our body that takes care of cells by transporting the nutrients and oxygen they need, and removing any waste
Cells – the smallest living thing – humans are made out of trillions of them
Cheeks – the parts of your face between your nose and your ears
Ears – the farthest part of our face, and the part of our body that hears sounds
Elbow – a joint in our arm that means we can fold it almost in half
Eyes – part of our face that can see things
Fingers – five long, thin digits attached to the end of each of our hands
Foot – the parts at the very end of our legs that we use to stand up, walk and run
Forehead – the flat, hard area at the very top of our face, above our eyes
Hand – the parts at the ends of our arms where our fingers are located that we use to pick things up, scratch an itch, wave hello and lots more!
Heart – a very important muscle that pumps blood throughout our whole body, running our circulatory system
Hips – the joints that attaches our legs to the rest of our body
Intestines – part of our digestive system; where food goes after it leaves the stomach
Knee – the joint in the middle of our leg that lets us bend it so we can walk and run
Liver – one of our vital organs; one of its jobs is to makes important chemicals that help us digest
Mouth – part of our face that we need to eat, talk and smile!
Nose – part of our face that helps us breathe and smell things
Shoulder – the joint near our neck that attaches our arm to our body, allowing it to move around
Shin – the part of our leg below the knee
Stomach – part of our digestive system; where food goes after we chew and swallow it
Toes – five small digits attached to the end of each of our feet
Wrist – the joint that attaches our hand to the rest of our arm, and allows our hand to move in lots of different directions


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