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How To Choose the Right Tense!



Present Simple
1. Usual, regular action:I usually go fishing at weekends. 
2. General existence; stating a fact:The earth goes round the sun.
                                      Water is liquid at room temperature. 
3. Dramatic narrative (theatre, sports, etc. events):
             Johnson takes the ball, he bounces it to the floor, then he throws and scorestwo points.
4. Timetables: The train leaves at half past four.
Present Progressive
1. Action happening now:I’m watching a film on TV now.
2. Action happening about this time, but not necessarily now:
                  He‘s studying Spanish and German.
3. Definite arrangement in the near future:I‘m travelling to Paris tomorrow. 

Present Perfect Simple
1. Action with a result:Sorry, I‘ve parked at the wrong place.
2. Action in incomplete time:Our friends have visited us four times this summer.
3. (action relating to time period in the past):Jane has already been to Italy.
4. Action beginning in the past and still continuing:The Simpsons have lived here for eight years.
Present Perfect Progressive
1. Action beginning in the past and still continuing :They‘ve been staying in this hotel for ten days.


Past Simple
Actions, events in the past:I had lunch with Mrs Robinson yesterday.
Past Progressive
Action in progress in the past:I was working in the garden when my sister arrived. 

Past Perfect Simple
1. Action in the past before another:They had lived in York before they moved to Liverpool.
Past Perfect Progressive
1. Continuous Action in the past before another :They had been  living in York before they moved to Liverpool. 


Future Simple
Fact, action or event in the future:I will be thirty years old next year.
Future Progressive
Action in progress at a given time of the future:This time tomorrow we will be flying to Los Angeles.
Future Perfect Simple
Action completed by a given time of the future:I will have done this work by the end of next week.
Future Perfect Progressive
Action completed by or still in progress at a given time of the future
               You will have been living here for thirty years by this time next year. 

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