get + past participle

6/15/2018 12:53:40 PM
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get + past participle

It's very common to put "get" and a past participle together in English to describe an action performed by another person or by yourself. The person doing the work does not have to be named. For example...

This work will get done later today.

Who will do the work? We don't know. The main verb, "do" follows the verb "get" in this sentence. The verb tense is indicated by the verb "get." The sentence above is in the future tense.


If you don't do your job, you might get fired.

The window  got broken very easily. (break -- past tense)

It will get fixed sometime next week. (fix -- future tense)

Pedro gets paid on Friday. (pay -- present tense)

The cake getting frosted. (frost -- present continuous tense)

The lights got installed incorrectly. (install - past tense)